About Us

CARRYBOY South Africa

Carryboy, a global leader of the world largest manufacturer of fiberglass canopies. With over 180 countries around the world, Carryboy has been well known as its most sophisticated design canopies and accessories for 4X4 bakkies industry.

Carryboy canopies are supplied fully optioned including colour coding, Black Vinyl interior lining with LED light, tinted glass, aerofoil spoiler with LED brake light, roof rails capable of carrying up to 85kg and a single key operating for all locks.

Carryboy Canopy is designed to enhance your vehicle and provide a durable and functional accessory for your vehicle


Warranty and Product information 12 Months.

Warranty does not apply to the following categories

  • Warranty to the original vehicle.
  • Extreme or abnormal off-road usage.
  • Abuse, misuse, negligence, accidental damage.
  • Modification to the product pr its components.
  • Lack of regular servicing as stated in the service and maintenance guide.
  • Paint scruffing to vehicle caused by the Canopy or Hardlid.
  • Gelcoat cracking is a characteristic of fibreglass and does not constitute a structural defect.
  • Driving with the rear door or side windows in an open position.

Service and Maintenance Guide

  • Ensure mounting bolts always remain tight.
  • Check that screws and bolts holding doors and windows remain tight.
  • Locks and key recess on the windows and the rear door to be kept clean.
  • No abrasive compounds to be used for polishing surfaces of painted products, use wax polish.
  • Clean all rubber seals on the canopy and lightly coat with silicon spray.
  • Canopy roof rails maximum load carrying capacity is recommended at 85kg distributed weight.